Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So hard not to cheat!

I cheated the day before yesterday. It was a seriously long day at work and my demon talked me into getting chipotle on the way home. To make it worse my boyfriend (who never goes out to eat) wanted to take me to dinner to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. I ate so much that day that I tried to throw it up! But of course I couldn't and just felt like crap after trying!

Anyway, yesterday I got back on the wagon and am planning on sticking to the diet hands down from now on until its over. 36 more days! I think I can do it!

I didn't get a chance to weigh this morning and now fresh from the shower my hair is too wet. Ill weigh later though!

Have a great hump day everyone!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

New tastes :)

So, I have to eat so many meats and veggies every day, no excuses! Today I tried three new are my reviews:

Tilapia - TERRIBLE! I will try it again in a couple of months when I can use more stuff (like butter) to make it better, but for first impression...NASTY!

Cucumbers - OK. I cut off the skin and cut them in to 'pennies' and tried them with season salt, pepper, and lemon juice. I really like each slice with one drop of lemon on it. I think cucumbers taste like green melon, however I havent had a green melon in like 15 years.

Asparagus - Pretty darn GOOD! I cant wait to try these with butter, but with lemon juice, salt and pepper they were not too bad!

Gotta go!

HGC diet?

So! I know I am a sporadic poster! I have started the HCG diet. I am on day 5 (day 3 of the second phase).

The way the HCG diet works is the first two days you 'Load' I was very skeptical about this, as you are supposed to eat as much FAT as you can. And since I have been on a pretty strict 1200 calories (or less) diet pretty much for the last year I was really not looking forward to having to eat that much! But, alas, I figured its only two days...might as well follow the directions to the 'T' as I have MANY friends that had great success with the diet over all.

After you load the first two days then you go on a VLC (very low calorie) diet. This diet is 500 calories a day. Scary huh! Well the way the hormones work is that you are actually getting your energy from fat stored in your body so you don't need to eat the calories daily to fuel your body.

The drops that I have also have an appetite suppressor in them. The suppressor is another hormone made in the thyroid. It really works and I am not hungry at all!! I miss the taste of food, but my body is not hungry one bit. As a matter of fact I am having problems eating all the food every day!

So, here is the VLC diet:
2 portions of meat (3.5 oz each): chicken breast, veal, lean steak, or 95/5 ground beef.
2 portions of fruits (1 cup each): grapefruit, strawberries, apples, or oranges.
2 portions of veggies (2 cups each): Cucumber, radishes, onions, tomatoes, and other NASTY VEGGIES (only like 7 to chose from).
2 portions of bread (1 each): Melba toast or grissinni bread sticks (these are like the size of your pinkie).

You can NOT combine any of the foods (like make a salad out of various veggies), but you can eat one portion of each (meat, veggie, bread, and fruit) as one meal.

You can NOT eat the same item twice in a row. Like you cant have chicken for lunch and dinner the same day, or dinner one day and lunch the next. The same for veggies and fruit.

I have decided to add in bananas 2x a week, even though it is out of the diet, because the potassium helps with my RLS (restless leg syndrome), I think.

You can NOT have any dressings, oils, nothing. And only 1tbs of milk a day. You MAY have the juice of 1 lemon daily for dressings or added flavor. And you can have any spices you want!

So far, on day three, I am having no problems except for the aforementioned not eating ENOUGH! which is my problem alot of the time.

The draw backs of this diet is you lose so much so quick that MOST people just put the weight right back on in about 6 weeks after stopping. But I feel that since I have had a major lifestyle change in the last year and have been able to maintain all my weight loss for so long that I have a better chance than most to keep it off.

Let me just add in here how I am taking my HGC. I am doing the drops that I got from a local nutrition supplement store. They emailed me the whole protocol book and I paid $40 for the drops with added appetite suppressant. They recommend that I take 30 drops a day, 10 drops 3x a day. But after much reading online I found that it is better to take double the dose of drops because they are not as good at getting in your system as the shots and that people have more success when they take them multiple times a day. So I take 60 drops a day, 12 drops 5x a day. Every 3 hours I take 12 drops. It really keeps my appetite down, so that is what I feel that I need. The bottle that I bought is a 2 month supply (at 30 drops per day), but it will only last me 1 month because I have doubled the dose.

The office challenge is still going on! We have exactly one month till weigh ins!

OMG! I didn't say! I am now at a new LOW! This morning I weighed in at 222lbs! That is 55lbs dropped from last August! Remember, I didn't diet the whole year, just a few months at a time and then maintained for a few months, and then started losing again :)

I am still living with Tony, my new boyfriend and things are going very well for us :) Last night we went to a sexy party and I wore the killer heals (really they KILLED ME!) and a negligee that showed my booty. It looked so good on, and MULTIPLE people complimented me on how good I was looking :)

Im done babbling now! :) I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keep on Truckin'

Ok, been hard to stay on the wagon with food! I have been walking more than a mile (at over 3.5mph) 3 or more times per week. BUT food is soooo hard to stay away from! I am trying to cook more at home. My boyfriend really likes that part :) But driving home from work its just like there is a devil on my shoulder telling me that I should eat fast food because I deserve it and it will taste sooooo good! Its a horrible feeling. The addiction that I have for food scares me, how can something like this actually control my mind?

I got a new work out game today for the Wii. Its called EA Sports, more workouts. I just did it for the first time this morning. 32 min step aerobics, 252 calories burned, and I was sweating like nobody's business! It felt good to work out, and programs that are mostly leg workouts (like step programs) are easy for me because my legs are so strong and it boots my self esteem when I can do them well. I will defiantly use this game at least 3 times a week (hopefully more like 5) and I defiantly think it was work the $15 off amazon (new btw :) )

I started my period today, so I am hoping that a lot of my eating out this past week was just PMS eating, and I KNOW that the next two - three weeks will be easier, because my body will belong to me and not my hormones now :)

So far I would rate myself like this (1 = terrible, 10 = terrific):
Working out: 6
Eating out: 2
Cooking: 5
Calorie intake: 6

Hopefully next week I can make those numbers closer to 10 :)

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where have I been!!

WOW! It has been a long time since I have posted here! I am still fighting my obesity and it is a HARD struggle!

I have a new boy-friend (though I can hardly call him a boy) and we have just moved in together. His name is Tony and he is pretty much amazing! He is 17 years older than me and that is a bit odd, but he is soooo childish that I am still the boss in the relationship! I love him and he puts up with me and my dogs and I guess that is what matters!

I have also gotten a new job :) I love my job, but it is very frustrating at times. I am for sure under-paid and under-appreciated, but now days...who isn't?

OK, OK, on with the weight loss! I am 226 pounds today. I am in an office challenge to see who (in our office) can lose the most weight in 2 months. So I would like to drop 20 pounds before Aug 31st. The buy in for the challenge is $20 and the winner gets the whole pot, which is $140. That is 140 reasons to stay on the FREAKING WAGON! Too bad I am struggling so hard with my food addiction lately.

My will power has seemed to have gone out the window. I have the best intentions, but I am CRAVING foods...well not really food-S just one food...Chipotle. For those of you who don't know, its a fast food chain, like subway but Mexican food. It is amazing! No, its more than amazing...its FREAKING INCREDIBLE!! My new place (with Tony) is within walking distance to the restaurant and I literally have eaten it while he was at work and hidden the bags from him. That is a serious problem! I had just finished dinner with him this evening and he left for work and I was checking the garage to make sure he was gone so I could go get some...I wasn't even hungry! I didn't go! I looked up some stuff on the net and tried to gain some will power and insight to my own eating dysfunction.

I have been researching hypnosis to deter me away from bad foods and make me want to eat better, but everything I have read has said its a crock :( I have also been looking at Lap Band, but I know I probably wouldn't qualify and I would have to sign up for health insurance at my work and it would cost hundreds every month just to see if I could get it. There are no easy answers to this challenge that we face every day. I try to take it one step at a time, but in the beginning I was losing weight every day or every other day, and its not coming off that fast anymore. I am an instant gratification kind of person and its alot harder this time around!!

Now I did drop 40 pounds from last August until January (when I officially fell off the wagon). I know I can do it! 40 more would be wonderful, but I would really be happy being under 200 and just over weight and not obese anymore.

I am back on my old regimen. I am eating less than 1300 calories a day, eating as soon as I wake up and trying to eat constantly through out the day, small, high-protine snacks. And not eating late at night. I am doing good until I get home from work, then its on like donkey-kong! I work so hard and such long hours I feel like I deserve a reward for working so hard and constantly talk myself into Chipotle for a reward. Blech!

At work its easy though. The hardest thing is eating enough! I take my lunch every day and that goes great. I log what I eat. Heck, my co-worker and I walk one mile every day around our building to get extra steps on our pedometers!

I have to do better at home. AND I need to work out at home!! I brought my wii fit to my boyfriends house so that I can work out, but I have been seriously slacking!! I don't get up in enough time to have nooky with hunny and work out! And after working 12 hour days I need 8 hours of sleep!

Ok, enough excuses! I will be updating everything on this page, including my countdown and goals. My first major goal is still to get under 200!!

Cheers everyone, here is to a happy and healthy Friday!!

Here is a picture of me and Tony at his birthday party June 15th.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its been so long! Much has changed!

So, I went almost 2 whole months with out losing a pound, but I didn't gain either. I fell off the wagon right after new years (I know, most people jump on the wagon at that time!). But its OK now, I needed the break and I'm back, with the last 30 pounds to go. Not gaining weight during those two months was a relief, I was so scared to get on the scale because I knew I hadn't been doing all I could do and I was worried that I was putting weight on! But, I digress, I didn't put on any weight :) And now I'm back on track.

I bought a Wii with the Wii Fit package a week ago, and can happily say that I have been using it every day, and every day I have been losing weight again :) I am at a new low...228 pounds!! Only 8 pounds till my next goal and my next reward! I am so excited to be under 220! And I am so excited to start tanning again! I know a lot of people are against tanning, but I spend a LOT of time outdoors in the summer and having a good base tan keeps me from getting burned, and I have eczema on my face and arms and it goes away when I tan. Please do not post comments on how bad tanning is, because I wont listen :) /end rant!

Anyway, I try to burn 250 calories per the Wii fit every day now :) And it gives me a huge sense of achievement when I do this. I cant wait to get the stepper attachment to make the step aerobics more of a work out!

Oh, so since I last posted A LOT has happened!!! I have moved from San Diego back to Las Vegas, I now live with my mom and 30 year old brother (never thought this would happen again). Its a good arrangement, the rent is practical and they don't annoy me too much :) We have 5 dogs in the house, that is the hardest part I think. My mom has one dog, my brother one, and myself, I have three dogs. My cat is in temporary lodging in California until I get my own place this summer. I am currently looking for work as a Phlebotomist, I have a phone interview on Tuesday! The interview is with the company that I really want to work for and if I get it I will be SOO happy!

Brandan and I are still going strong, as is our lifestyle :) I have been to a lot of lifestyle parties since being here in Vegas, and been to the best lifestyle club here in town. I am having a blast!

I have also been sick for 2 out of the last 5 weeks. I had strep throat 3 weeks ago, and I am just now getting over a sinus infection :( I'm glad to be feeling better and feel that my partying will be able to continue this weekend after a week break to recover.

I am happy to be back on track and happy to be blogging again! I hope you are all doing well on your journeys! Best wishes and happy Thursday!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick update!

I have lost over 4 total points in my BMI! I am exactly a BMI of 36. I am down to a new low of 237.1 today and very excited to be moving forward (and down as it were) again! I am doing physical activity every day, not really caring if its for a long time or not, as long as I'm sweating then it's ok with me.

I have started skating lessons to learn the basics of roller skating and I am happy to say that I am getting more comfortable with my skates on and LOVING it :)

I am also getting ready for my move to Las Vegas, which will happen the weekend of the 13th! So this weekend I am having a yard sale to sell everything I own (I HOPE!), so that I only have to take clothes with me.

Last week I gave away over 3 HUGE garbage bags full of clothes that were too big for me, it felt great to see them go! I can not wait to get into the boxes of clothes that I used to wear. Clothes that fit me from 180-220.

I went out last night and had a really good time, danced, sang, drank...good times were had by all :) Looking forward to a fun Friday night tonight also (God, I love Thursdays and Fridays!)

Brandan is wonderful, we have decided that we are going to do gifts for Valentine's Day and I pretty much told him what I wanted and he has no problem telling me what he wants...but Im a smart puppy Owner, I already know what he wants! The gifts are going to be inexpensive but thoughtful, they are both jewlery so we can wear them while we are apart, to always remind us of each other and our lifestyle :)

I did break down and get fast food last night, but the messed up thing is that I ended up with a migrane (probably from being drunk and then having enough time to sober up) and couldnt eat hardly any of it! So, lesson learned, I am going to make sure I have ready made salads at the house on nights that I go out so that I can chow down on those as a late night drunk snack :)

It's a beautiful Friday here in Southern California, and I hope all of you are having a wonderful day! Cheers!

Here is a picture of me last night before I went out: